petrol pump software

Our Petrolpumpledger Software gives you the complete management of your petrol pump., like Financial Accounting ,inventory managment, Shiftwise report with all pump transactions & various subreports, Salesman wise report with excess/short cash and denomination. Meter Readings, Dip Readings, Variation Reports, DSR, Officer’s Inspection Report. Counter Billing, Cash Sales, Card Sales, Monthly Credit Billing Sales, Running Credit Sales. Instant SMS to vehicle owners, Loyalty Card Scheme. Purchase entry with decantation details, Tanker wise Shortage report, compartment wise Density checking..etc.

Petrol Pump Software - Offline

-No need internet conncetion

-No need any accounting Knowledge

-Very Easy to use

-Auto cash ledger

-Well known daily balance sheet

-All Types of reports

-One time Payment .......... Rs. 15000/-

petrol pump software

Petrolpumpledger product of Logicview